If you are here then you came to learn more about me- it is my hope that we will get to know each other in real life as friends and neighbors in this great community!

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I am a 2001 graduate of the University of NC at Greensboro with a BM degree in Music Education and a 2007 graduate of the University of Michigan with a Master's Degree in Music Education. In May of 2017, I completed my Master's Degree in Curriculum Studies for Literacy Specialists from the University of Hawaii-Manoa. I come from a long line of educators, who demonstrated to me the importance of a life-long educational journey.  

Since I began teaching in 2003, I have had many transitions in my career due to my husband’s service in the US Air Force, but without fail, my goal with every move was to get involved in our local education community in whatever ways I could.


I have taught in public schools in three states (North Carolina, Virginia, and Hawaii), as well as in Germany at a Department of Defense Dependent School (DoDDS). I studied abroad in Finland in college and have traveled extensively to over 20 countries. In 2013 I had the amazing experience of volunteering in a school in Tanzania.  I have a passion for different cultures and learn something new every time I travel. I believe it is our duty to prepare our children for an increasingly diverse global world that extends well beyond Albemarle County.

My well-rounded experience has allowed me to not just see or hear about successful, innovative programs, but to be a part of them. In Raleigh, NC, I taught with an amazing Fine Arts team at a Gifted and Talented Magnet elementary school. In Newport News, VA, while teaching in a school that had 100% at-risk students, I saw how strategic investment of resources and strong community partnerships can completely change the outcomes for these children. In Germany, I was able to see how fully-funded schools, new technology in every classroom, high-quality professional development, and high teacher pay combined to make the DoDDS schools extremely effective in teaching a highly transient and diverse population.

On the other hand, I have also endured the challenges of overcrowded classrooms, inadequate facilities, outdated technology, budget cuts, and unsupportive communities. These were heartbreaking, yet invaluable experiences that I will bring to the table as a member of the School Board.  Every teaching job I have had has been unique and challenging to my previously held perspectives on education.  It is those diverse perspectives that I believe should always be present in School Board decisions.

When the time came for Marshall to retire from the Air Force, we had no doubt that we wanted to settle near Charlottesville, where we knew our children would get a world-class education.  My Grandfather was raised here, and I grew up coming for visits to see our extended family in the area.  We moved to Albemarle County for Marshall’s job in June of 2016.  Our two children attend Woodbrook Elementary School, and we are enjoying renovating our home just down the street.  In December of 2016, I joined the Agnor-Hurt Elementary team as a part-time K-1 PALS Instructor. I loved the time I spent providing reading intervention services to my students, but decided to step away from the classroom to try and serve on the school board.  After many years of setting aside my own goals in order to support my husband's career, I am ready to take my leadership and activism to the next level.

We are very happy to be living close to our family for the first time in over a decade and we love seeing our kids put down roots and make good friends that we know we will have for many years to come.  Our road to Charlottesville was filled with twists and turns, but we know we have ended up right where we should be. We are so thankful to be part of this incredible community!